Fun Friday: What does your desk look like?

My desk

My desk

My companion

My companion

I decided for Fun Friday, that I would show my desk along with my constant companion, Yoda, while I work. It doesn’t show the files within reach to my right or the book shelves surrounding me filled with reference material. That reference material has a tendency to spread out onto the bed, the floor or any other free space when I’m in the middle of a search.

It always seems when it is spread out that is when someone chooses to come for an unexpected visit. My family and friends have come to expect “the mess”  if they arrive unannounced. Yes, I do stop my research to  chat, maybe swim, play a game or two when I’m surprised by them.  After all, isn’t family the reason for the search? I will make memories for their future.

Happy Friday Everyone,

Dame Gussie

Live to Write – Write to Live also posted about their desks



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2 responses to “Fun Friday: What does your desk look like?

  1. You can’t see my desk for all the papers and books I have on it. And yes like you the floor is fair game also. I enjoy looking in on your blog.


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