Landmark Thursday: Where Flour and Granite Mix

John Sargent Pillsbury
John Sargent Pillsbury


John Sargent Pillsbury


Born in a house boarding this

common, he migrated to Minneapolis in

1855. There, he, his brother George, and

nephew Charles, established the

famous Pillsbury flour milling business.

Three times elected Governor of

Minnesota and noted benefactor of

its state University, his career in

industry and public service reflects

great credit on his native state.

I am keeping with the Sutton, New Hampshire theme during this week of remembering those who have served our nation in military and public service.  John Sargent Pillsbury was born in Sutton 29 July 1827 to John Pillsbury and Susanna Wadleigh.

This land marker is located on the common in the historic district of Sutton, Merrimack, New Hampshire Route 114. The house he was born in is nearby.  So this is were flour and granite mix. The puritan work ethic and determination of the Granite State travels to the mid-west establishing a milling company that is still providing flour to our nation’s family.

The family telling is he is related to us. Although I have found the Sargent name in our lineage, I have not found the link to the Pillsbury name.  An Elizabeth Sargent, aka Betsey, aka Eliza, is listed as wife of Jacob Chase and mother of Alonzo Chase my ancestor. I recently found a letter in the file from the Warner Historical Society stating that Alonzo was adopted.  I have found no family connections for Elizabeth prior to the notation of marriage to Jacob. This is my brick wall that I intent to use the Evidentia program to work to prove or disprove this claim. Stay turned for future post on my progress of solving this mystery.


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