Honor Roll World War I Amherst , New Hampshire

Honor Roll World War I

Honor Roll World War I



Honor Roll World War AmherstNew Hampshire

Honor Roll

1917 – 1918

Town of Amherst

A tribute of respect

To those who serve in the

World War

*Paul G. Blandin           *Percy N. Davis


Guy E. Bills

Elgin J. Bartlett

Horace R. Boutelle

Leon E. Boutelle

Harold R. Brutt

Everett E. Byrd

Samuel A. Caldwell

Carroll C. Carkin

Malcolm D. Clark

Peter H. Clarkin

Royal E. Chase

Ralph w. Chase

Albert W. Converse

James P. Doyle

Daniel J. Doyle

Wendell W. Greenlee

Henry E. Hall

Rodney J. Hodgman

Elmer E. Hodgman

William H. Hodgman

Fredrick V. Howard

Guy E. Kidder

Leland C. Kidder

Ralph G. Manning

Everett W. Merrill

Willard H. Parker

Frank G. Pettengill

Tracy I. Raymond

Earle Roberts

Fred Sanville

William Sanville

Fred E. Sprague

Henry L. Stockwell

Carl H. Vogel

Byron R. Walker

Robert T. Weston

Walter K. Weston

Kenneth B. Wetherbee

William R. White

William E. Whitehouse

Walter R. Whitehouse

Fred Whittemore




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