Veterans Honor Roll from New London, New Hampshire

Diligent Soliders

This diligent soldier watches over Main Street in New London, New Hampshire proudly displaying the honor roll of service men and women who offered their lives through the years. I transcribed the names from all sides of this monument. I give Thanksgiving to all who have served and will serve our nation protecting our Freedom.


On the front of the memorial the following are listed:


In memory of our citizens who offered their lives to preserve the Union


Commissioned Officers


General Joseph M. Clough

Major George W. Everett

Captain Andrew J. Sargent

Captain Samuel M. Carr

Captain Charlew Woodward (possible misspelling should read Charles Woodward)

Captain Matthew Adams

Lieutenant Austin W. Messer


Enlisted Men


Thomas B. Abbott

Moses J. Adams

Daniel M. Annis

Byron K. Baker

Alfred Bean

Robert A. Blood

Alston Brown

James H. Burpee

David W. Bunker


Honor Roll

World War I


Capt. Charles A. Lamsun

Capt. Oura P. Crockett (possible misspelling should read Dura P. Crockett)

Lieut. Carl L. Coleman

Myron R. Adams

Frank R. Butler

William N. Croteau

George W. Currier


Names continued on the right side of the monument are:


Hamilton M. Messer

William A Mills

Dura P. Morgan

Samuel B. Philbrick

Sylvester W. Philbrick

Charles P. Pike

Walter E. Pingree

Reuben Ray

John B. Roby

Benjamin f. Sargent

Ransom F. Sargent

George H. Saunders

George P. Sholes

Edward D. F. Stinson

Henry C. Stinson

Alvin D. Williams

Oscar L. Williams

Charles H. Morrill



Spanish War


Karl M. Sholes


On the bottom part of the monument list:

Herbert H. Rose

Amos H. Shepard

James E. Shepard 2ND

Earl V. Smith

Stillman G. Stanley

Robert G. Stimson (possible misspelling should it read Robert G. Stinson)

Roland F. Thompson

Edwin H. Weir

Gilbert N. Wiggins


On the back side of the monument reads:


World War II Honor Roll

In grateful appreciation, the town of New London in full recognition of the supreme sacrifice* of a few and the arduous efforts of many, hereby acknowledge with deep humility and thanksgiving the participation of the community’s men and women during World War II.


World War II


William A. Ash

Roland H. Baker

George Barrett

Harry J. Barrett

Horace G. Barrett

Robert W. Barrett

Carlton F. Barton

Lynn S. Beals Jr. MD

Leon W. Bickford

Charles H. Bool Jr.

Edgar L. Braley

Heber L. Braley

Robert S. Braley

William O. Brown

Harold W. Buker Jr.

Norman K. Buker

Earl G. Burns

Walton W. Chadwick

Bernard C. Chase

Eliot G. Clemons

James C. Cleveland

Mary Cleveland

Newcomb Cleveland

Joseph M. Clough MD

Nathaniel H Colby

Philip A. Crane

Frank N. Cricenti

George S. Cricenti

Nicholas J. Cricenti

David R. Crocket

Sidney L. Crook

Harry A. Cross

Cecil D. Currier

Waldo L. Cushing

Donald D. Cutter

Charles E. Davis

John I. Dayton

Victor J. Dean

Edward A. Dexter

Carl E. Duffet Jr.

Isabelle E. Duffet

James B. Emery

Charles N. Frost

* Burt C. Gay

Donald T. Gay

Kathleen E. Gay

Ralph A. Gay Jr.

Walton E. Gay

Elmer E. Goings

George D. Graves Jr.

William D. Green

Robert C. Hall

David D. Hartshorn

Oliver S. Hayward M.D.

Esther M. Hemmings

Kathlyn C. Hilton

John I. Hodges

Marjorie Hodges

Russell G. Hodges

William L. Hodges

John G. Holteen

Richard S. Kidder

William F. Kidder

Leland F. Knowlton

Matthew A. Kristi Jr.

Arthur W. LaFoe

Seth A. Lamson

Arthur Z. Leach

Arthur S. Little Jr.

Clement W. Lovering

Clarence M. Lull Jr.

Gordon L. Lull

George D. MacDoanld

Robert G. MacMichael

Lester P. Marshall

John M. McGann (not sure if it should read John M. McCann)

Francis S. Merritt

Maurice B. Messer

* Richard E. Messer

Roy F. Messer

Walter T. Moreland Jr.

Gerald H. C. Moutlon

Theodore S. Nelson

Donald F. Nudd

Kenneth L. Nudd

Earl F. Pardy

Phillip W. Parker

* Kneeland Parshley

Russell Parshley

Edward F. Picknell

George L. Picknell

John T. Pierce

David D. Plummer

Charles O. Pratt

John Reid III

Kenneth M. Rich

Robert W. Rivers

Edwin Roberts

Gilbert S. Roberts

Lois H. Sargent

Robert G. Sawyer

Walter Sharp

Maitland C. Shepard

Robert H. Shepard

Alton L. Sholes

James E. Simpson

Walter M. Simpson

Elizabeth M. Sladen

Harold P. Snow

Laurence R. Spaulding

Horace S. Stanley

William C. Stanley

Richard F. Stetson

Eugene R. Temple

Joseph B. Tilton

Edward A. Todd

Harry M. Towne

* Robert H. Towne

* Theodore J. Towne

Walter E. Town Jr.

Howard V. Walker

Robert T. Wallace

Ernest E. Welch Jr.

Herbert E. West Jr.

Kenneth West

Charles A. Wheeler

Wayne K. Wheeler

Russell White Jr.

Gilbert N. Wiggins

Richard N. Wiggins

Bernard E. Williams

Guy F. Williams Jr.

Herbert O. Williams

Everett M. Woodman

James B. Woodman Jr.

Richard D. Wright

George E. Yates



I do not have the information on the left side of the monument. Check back for updates. I don’t believe there is any wording on that side as I do not have a photograph of it. I usually photograph all sides if there is writing.


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