My Life after Mondays with Mryt

 Dear Myrtle

Is there life after Mondays with Myrt?


Yes and No. If you want to get your housework, grocery shopping or any other of life’s activity done I would consider doing it the day before or maybe delegate it to someone else. Who wants to do the daily routine when you can become immersed yourself into the world of genealogy and researching your ancestors? Not me.


Who is Myrt? She is Dear Myrtle, your friend in genealogy. She makes everyone feel welcome to her Hangouts on Air whether you are an experienced genealogist or just a family hobbyist looking for your ancestors. I am the second type of visitor to her site. I wish I had found her back in 1997 when I began researching my family history. She would have saved me so many hours of work.


I the three Hangouts out that I have been to Dear Mryt provided me with hours of productive instruction of what not to do. Sorry what I should do to organize myself, research my elusive ancestors, jump a brick wall or just relax and enjoy the journey.



When Monday rolled around before Mryt; I would wake up around 4:30 in the morning turn on the computer and start my daily journey of the web.  I would check e-mails, facebook and my blogs I like to follow, admittedly not many back then. When that was completed in less than fifteen minutes I would begin editing my subjective historical novel about Isaac and Mary Stearns.  Yoda, my Italian Greyhound, would wake up about 6:30 which required me to take him for his first walk of the day, feed him and then return to my writing until my husband would greet the morning about 9:00. Of course I would feed him, he walked himself to the computer and I would start my morning routine.  I will not bore you with the minute details of house cleaning; I think you get the idea. When he left for work around 11:00  I would go back on the computer and continue writing until noon time taking Yoda for his second walk of the day, his play time and my feed time.  My afternoon was usually spent typing the novel or reading a book to verify facts or for my pleasure.




Now you wouldn’t think that my routine would change much because I decided to join Mondays with Mryt.  Well think again.


Since I started following Dear Myrtle Genealogy Community, I spend my days following one link after another, learning new and streamlined ways to do my family research, improve my blogs, see how others write their blogs and do their family research.


Where in the State is Mom blogspot



My Monday morning still includes feeding Yoda and my husband, taking Yoda for a walk while my husband is on the computer but that is about it. My fifteen minutes of computer time is now closer to two hours once I get done following the links from my new online buddies.  I could be learning how:



  1. to organize from The Organized Genealogist” on Facebook
  2. about Evidentia at
  3. If I had only known then what I do now from   Family Search
  5.  watching webinars from   Legacy Family Search,
  6. reading about Lost Babes…
  7. Nutfield Genealogy from


These are just a few of the sites that I have checked out since I went to the New England Genealogy Conference three weeks ago. Thank you Heather of Nutfield Genealogy for inviting me to the Blogging workshop. That is how I connected with so many fun people, Dear Myrtle Genealogy blog and made so many new “Cousins.”


After today’s Monday with Myrt I copied and pasted the following links into an e-mail to myself. I can now take the next week following their leads to creative ideas, jumping bricks walls and tweaking my blogs. Dear Myrtle ends her hangout with Happy Genealogy Tree climbing. I think that is good advice that I shall follow.

Video of blog making

#genchat every other Friday night!

YouTube Making Sense of Google+ Hangouts on Air for Hangout on Air information


Hangout video

It is now 6:oo and I’m finishing up my Monday with Myrt with this blog. I’m off to feed the household, walk the dog and maybe check out a link or two. Happy Family Tree climbing everyone.



2 thoughts on “My Life after Mondays with Mryt

  1. Great post! I always want to listen to Mondays with Myrt, but with children, it’s at a difficult time. Maybe over the summer! Thanks for posting all of those links. I’m off to check out a few myself.



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