Mrs Abigail Nelson

Original property of author
Original property of the author

In memory of

Mrs. Abigail Nelson

wife of

Mr. Asa Nelson

who died Feb 3rd 1814

aged 66 years 13 days


I can not make out the reminder of the script.

I post for nearly wordless Wednesday


2 thoughts on “Mrs Abigail Nelson

  1. Whew, that’s a tough one. I think this is a poem in old english that begins
    And O’er her grave
    ??ch dawning day (first word could be “each”)
    ???????????? save
    (fourth line sunk in the ground but I’ll bet it rhymes with “day”.)

    Probably something sweet about angels watching over her every day. I’ve seen a few of these similar poems. I googled the first line, but didn’t find anything so it may not be a standard verse. Family may have created it.

    Wish I could help you out better.



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