A Different type of Ancestry

I spend my time researching my family ancestry, blogging about it and just enjoying the moment of discovery. My sister on the other hand enjoys the moment of discovery of her Equine Family. I don’t know the difference between a “Cold-blooded Family” and a “Warm-blooded family” of horses or how to breed them. I do know how to feed and groom them. I spent time as a girl doing just that before school each day.  I never felt the passion for them that she did. I kept that for my human family research.

The Equine researches provided the lineage through their females. Until recently most of our family research papers have been through the male line.  The females were not important to our ancestors expect to continue the family line. they didn’t keep records of the females the same way they did the males.  Horse breeders on the other hand, knew the importance of keeping track of those family lines.

My very dedicated sister wrote a book about horse breeding that just reached 79th on the best sellers for Horse Racing list. It is titled “The Thoroughbred Female Families that have Dominated the Racing World (Volume 1)”  by Sarah A Montgomery.  Way to go sis. I have more to add to my family tree, a published author. May she have continued success both in her breeding of horses and writing about them.

Here is a link to her book.  http://www.amazon.com/Thoroughbred-Female-Families-Dominated-Racing/dp/1479157945/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top/176-0135896-4625605




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