Abrella 23 April 1630

Isaac and Mary Stearns decided to not join the main meal gathering of the Captains and consorts from the Ambrose and Jewell that came aboard the Arbella while at anchor. The Captain of the Arbella Fleet decided that with the small gale and fair weather little progress would be made to their new home. They had not seen the Talbot  since the storm and this would give her time to reach them.

Isaac and Mary stayed in the women’s cabins to care for Shubael and Martha who remain in poor health.



Tall ships anchored at Portsmouth, New Hampshire


6 thoughts on “Abrella 23 April 1630

    1. Here is part of my book that tells about the Arbella. The information came from Gov. John Winthrop’s diary. “…our first glimpse of the ship to be our home for the uncharted weeks or months to come; the magnificent, awe-inspiring Arbella. The lady weighs in 350 ton; is the largest ship in our fleet; she is to be the flagship. What a vision our ship is, the Lady is all abuzz with activity, standing proudly at dock stretching 103 feet long; 43 feet across with the incandescence rising sun reflecting off her bow boldly displaying her four masts of various sizes. We hurry the children along to board in our time. Once we are aboard surrounded by people, supplies, and the crew it is difficult to walk. We found the families cabin on the ‘Tween’ deck, mid ship; forward to us is the captains cabin and those of the assistants and gentry; to the stern is the Master’s cabin; above that is the Stern gallery and Poop deck; above that is the Magazine and Armory; there is also a Magazine and Armory mid ship near the Cabin’s cabin; below the cabins is the hold for the goods and Ballard; top side is the Steerage with compass and the Windlass. This cramped, meager, fragile space will be our home for the voyage.”

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      1. My story is a fictional account of the Stearns Family voyage. I don’t believe they are related to Winthrop, Just passengers on the same ship. I still look forward to it. What I wrote was mu fictionalized version of the Stearns family seeing the Arbella for the first time. The dimension were from Winthrop’s diary.


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