Saltonstall Landing


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Sir Richard Saltonstall, other men  including Isaac Stearns from the Arbella choose Watertown, Massachusetts as there new home in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630.  The Stearns Family is one of many who came to the colony to spread God’s word to the natives or what they called “salvages.” Isaac’s family spread out over the next decades to other areas of New England and westward settling our great nation. Be proud of this strong heritage.

I have been posting Historical Land markers this week as a reminder to take the time to read those signs. They tell of a rich history of your town, New England, and our country. I know that I have not always stopped to read those signs. I felt no attachment to them, which is a sadness I feel today.  Please take the time to read the Historical land marks; learn about our history especially the town you live in.

As I post this Watertown Historical land marker on a day that there is history in the marking. Sadly it is not a happy part of history but of a reminder of how short life is. The FBI, ATF and police are searching for a terrorist around the Arsenal Mall in Watertown, Massachusetts which is near the Saltonstall landing. The man they are searching for is reported as being one of two that had placed the bombs at the Boston Marathon this last Monday, Patriots Day April 15, 2013, where an eight year old boy was killed and many seriously injured. My prayers go out to all in the area to remain safe.

Every morning Isaac would spend thirty minutes reading the Bible before starting his day. He used the Bible verses to teach his children life lessons. I think today he would have his children read  ~PSALM 34: 14 Turn away from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue. ~  The Bible also says if someone hits your right cheek turn the other cheek towards them.

Go forth today seek peace, do something nice for someone. Share God’s LOVE. My prayers are with everyone today.



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