Visitor Week Concludes



This week I have been posting photographs of different visitors to my home. I choose to post the animal variety as a reminder that they bring smiles to our faces for the time there are here.

Today’s photograph is of our cat Tess who recently found her heavenly home. I still hear her visiting each night to make sure the family is safe. Yes this may be in my mind. The soft patter of her paws and the brush of her whiskers across my face brings a comfort to me that she is watching over us. 


Animals like our ancestors are part of who we are. They develop our sense of caring, nurturing or maybe they show us our need to look beyond ourselves. If you are a farmer do you provide food and shelter for your chickens or do you believe in free range method; letting them fend for themselves. Dogs and cats on a farm have a different purpose than those in your sheltered home. Both need love and care; how we provide their basic needs gives us an insight into who we have become. Are you a nurture or a free range caregiver?


I am a nurture, I provide love, food, shelter, laughter and sometimes the unexpected to all who enter my world be you human or animal. Thank you for visiting this little piece of my home. Your are welcome to join me agian at your leisure.


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