1820 Hopkinton, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire

Please bear with me during the posting of the census information. I am trying to verify that everything is correct by checking it at least three times. I also find a possible link to my family and get side tracked by following that lead. Thank you for your patience.

I found only the surname Chase in Hopkinton during the 1820 census.


Heritage Quest online Browse mode for census, logged in via local library

Series M33 Roll61 page 123-132


FWM9 = Free white males under 10 years

FWM15 = Free white males 10-15 years

FWM17 = Free White males 16-18

FWM25 = Free white males 18-26 years

FWM44 = Free white males 26-44 years

FWM45 = Free white males 45 and over

FWF10 = Free white females under 10 years

FWF15 = Free white females 10-15 years

FWF17 = Free White female 16-18

FWF25 = Free white females 18-25 years

FWF44 = Free white females 26-44 years

FWF45 = Free white females 45 and over

AOP = All other free persons              


[Letter] means it was raised above as an abbreviation of the name

Barurch Chase: 1FWM15; 1 FWM17; 1FWM45; 1 FWF44; 1 FWF45; 2 in agriculture; page 123


John T Chase:  1 FWM9; 3 FWM15; 1 FWM25; 1 FWM45; 1FWF45; 4 in agriculture; page 126


Caleb Chase: 1FWM9; 1FWM15; 1FWM45; 2FWF9; 1FWF15; 1FWF44; 1 in agriculture; page 128


Jacob Chase 1 FWM9; 2 FWM15; 1 FWM44;  2 FWF9; 1 FWF15; 1 FWF44; 1 in Commerce; page 128


Daniel Chase: 1 FWM15; 1 FWM25; 1 FWM45; 1 FWF9; 1FWF 15; 1FWF45; 2 in agriculture; page 128


Charles Chase: 1 FWM15; 1 FWM25; 1 FWM45; 1FWF15; 1 FWF25; 1 FWF45; 2 in agriculture; page 130


Daniel Chase 2nd: 1 FWM44; 2 FWF9; 2 FWF25; 1 in agriculture; page 130


Enoch Chase: 2 FWM9; 3 FWM15; 1FWM17; 1FWM44; 1FWM45; 3 FWF9; 1 FWF15; 2 FWF25; 2 FWF44; 3 FWF45; 5 in agriculture page131


Reuben M. Chase: 1 FWM25; 1 FWF25; 1 in agriculture; page 132


Moses Chase: 1 FWM15; 1 FWM17; 1 FWM45; 3 FWF9; 1 FWF25; 1 in agriculture; page 132



2 thoughts on “1820 Hopkinton, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire

    1. It is worth the time and effort. I’m glad to have proof to go with my research. My major block is trying to find the adoption of Alonzo Chase by Jacob Chase. I found a letter stating Alonzo’s mother was a Sarah Straw and father ? Kelly. His death certificate state mother Sarah Shaw and father Jacob Chase


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