1820 Hopkinton, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire

Please bear with me during the posting of the census information. I am trying to verify that everything is correct by checking it at least three times. I also find a possible link to my family and get side tracked by following that lead. Thank you for your patience.

I found only the surname Chase in Hopkinton during the 1820 census.


Heritage Quest online Browse mode for census, logged in via local library

Series M33 Roll61 page 123-132


FWM9 = Free white males under 10 years

FWM15 = Free white males 10-15 years

FWM17 = Free White males 16-18

FWM25 = Free white males 18-26 years

FWM44 = Free white males 26-44 years

FWM45 = Free white males 45 and over

FWF10 = Free white females under 10 years

FWF15 = Free white females 10-15 years

FWF17 = Free White female 16-18

FWF25 = Free white females 18-25 years

FWF44 = Free white females 26-44 years

FWF45 = Free white females 45 and over

AOP = All other free persons              


[Letter] means it was raised above as an abbreviation of the name

Barurch Chase: 1FWM15; 1 FWM17; 1FWM45; 1 FWF44; 1 FWF45; 2 in agriculture; page 123


John T Chase:  1 FWM9; 3 FWM15; 1 FWM25; 1 FWM45; 1FWF45; 4 in agriculture; page 126


Caleb Chase: 1FWM9; 1FWM15; 1FWM45; 2FWF9; 1FWF15; 1FWF44; 1 in agriculture; page 128


Jacob Chase 1 FWM9; 2 FWM15; 1 FWM44;  2 FWF9; 1 FWF15; 1 FWF44; 1 in Commerce; page 128


Daniel Chase: 1 FWM15; 1 FWM25; 1 FWM45; 1 FWF9; 1FWF 15; 1FWF45; 2 in agriculture; page 128


Charles Chase: 1 FWM15; 1 FWM25; 1 FWM45; 1FWF15; 1 FWF25; 1 FWF45; 2 in agriculture; page 130


Daniel Chase 2nd: 1 FWM44; 2 FWF9; 2 FWF25; 1 in agriculture; page 130


Enoch Chase: 2 FWM9; 3 FWM15; 1FWM17; 1FWM44; 1FWM45; 3 FWF9; 1 FWF15; 2 FWF25; 2 FWF44; 3 FWF45; 5 in agriculture page131


Reuben M. Chase: 1 FWM25; 1 FWF25; 1 in agriculture; page 132


Moses Chase: 1 FWM15; 1 FWM17; 1 FWM45; 3 FWF9; 1 FWF25; 1 in agriculture; page 132




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2 responses to “1820 Hopkinton, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire

  1. hard and serious works ! i hope fruitfully for you very soon !!


    • It is worth the time and effort. I’m glad to have proof to go with my research. My major block is trying to find the adoption of Alonzo Chase by Jacob Chase. I found a letter stating Alonzo’s mother was a Sarah Straw and father ? Kelly. His death certificate state mother Sarah Shaw and father Jacob Chase


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