1790 Census Hopkinton, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire

1790 CensusHopkintonHillsboroughCountyNew Hampshire


I have completed my research for the 1790 Census in Hopkinton. I have checked it twice and than a third time to see who is naughty or nice. Yes, a reference to that holiday only a few months away. I noticed an advertisement for Christmas ornaments already. Time flies when you’re lost in genealogical research. It reminds me I have very little time to complete my first draft to present to the family as a holiday treat. Only 98 days until Christmas Eve. I refer to the Christian holiday because our ancestors came to the colonies to practice their religion on their own terms.


Now back to what this blog is about. Who did I find in Hopkinton, New Hampshire in 1790? I found mainly the Chase surname. I have added Hannah Bean and Elizabeth Sargent to this census because they are two lines that I am searching for to confirm the family connection.



Heritage Quest Online Browse mode for Census

Series M637 Roll 5, Pages 337-338 & 342


FWMup = Free white males of 16 years & upward including head of households

FWMun = Free white males of 16 years under 16 years

FWF = Free white females

AOP = All other free persons              


[Letter] means it was raised above as an abbreviation of the name


Hannah Bean: FWF 4 (faded unsure, this may be 7) pg 337


Jon [a] (Jonathan) Chase: FWMup 3; FWMun 1; FWF 5 pg 337


Elizabeth Sargent: FWF 4 pg 338


Nath [l] (Nathaniel) Sargent: FWMup 4; FWF 5 pg 337


Dan Chase: FWMup 2; FWMun 2; FWF 2 pg 342


Ambrose Chase: FWMup 2; FWMun 2; FWF 1 pg 342


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