I’m back and talking about family health

Herb Garden

I’m back after a little TIA.  My health was a challenge this past month and half. I am doing much better. I will be starting my posting about my ancestral journey with the importance of knowing family health history.

I must again state how important it is to find out your family health history. I knew my parents history. They were unable to give me much information about their parents. I was aware of muscle weakness causing paralysis, heart conditions in adults, diabetes and high blood pressure.  I was unaware of any kidney disease in the family or cardiac issues in children until I found the death certificates of my ancestors.

I’m talking about researching the health history of your grandparents, their siblings and their children. Remember you have eight ancestors to research; four on each side plus their children of each of your parents. My family names were Fletcher/Stearns/Nelson/Chase on one side and Pease/Downs/Place/Hutchins on the other. When I found the death certificates, I found the cause of death listed in most cases. Below is the health history I found for my fathers side. I am still researching my mother’s side.

Fletcher side: Valvular disease of the heart and apoplexy. Apoplexy is a stroke. Also a cause of death listed as complications of paralysis. Paralysis is an inherited disease according to Fletcher history.

Stearns side: Heart disease in adults and children, cerebral hemorrhage and colon cancer.

Nelson side: Cancer and heart attack with contributing atherosclerosis. Bright’s disease was also listed on the death certificate. It is an inherited kidney disease.

Chase side: Mitral Disease of the heart with contributing dropsy. Dropsy is edema of the soft tissue, fluid retention or more commonly known as Congestive heart failure (CHF).

This is just one side, but I found out that strokes were inherited from the Stearns side of my family. Next time I may not be so lucky. Please take the time and find out what your family health history is. Knowledge is power. That power can help you make changes and hopefully prevent or slow down the progression of a disease. I have made diet and life style changes in the past based on this information. I have been dealing with kidney, cancer (one form or another) and cardiac issues since 1997. Maybe that is why it was only a mini stroke and not a major one. I don’t know, but a change it diet can’t hurt.

I am now following the cystic kidney disease diet. Check it out at:

http://www.pkdiet.com/pages/diet/dietpkd.htm or


I have found that my energy level and pain level have both improved since starting this diet plan. Please check with your doctor before starting any diet plan. Each person is different and care needs to be made in treating or preventing any health problems. I change may diet choices slowly. Going vegan and gluten free is a challenge.  I have reduce my animal protien to once a week.

Most major grocery store have a health food section where you can find some of the flour alternatives. I have found better prices in the Around the world section of my local store or at the local Asian market. Just watch the sodium amounts listed. Each brand has a different amount. Choose the one with less sodium.

Above is an idea for how to have an herb garden year round. An over the door shoe organizer holding each pot or herbs. Enjoy. Thank you Homesteading and Survivalism on Facebook for this idea.

Here is one of the PKD recipes:

Cucumber Amuse Bouche


1 Cucumber peeled

1 fresh date

Purple basil Leaf


Peel the cucumber and with the other end of the peeler, remove the seeds. Puree icy cold cucumber in a food processor. Steam and chop a date into long strips. Add 1 –2 long strips of date to the glass of puréed cucumber. Top with a purple basil leaf.




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