Cemetery Hunting

 One of my finds which I enjoyed reading the poem and inscription.I spent my weekend hunting local cemeteries for Find A Grave Requests. This is my first time looking for other people ancestors. I found out several important things:

 1. Taking photographs on sunny days cast a shadow on the memorial that can be districting;

2. Shaded areas with trees show shadows as well, that even my flash didn’t reduce;

3. I’m not as young as I once was; walking the cemeteries is exhausting;

4. It is important to find out more information before going to the cemetery to reduce your time walking around;

5. A trip to the town clerk prior to future adventures would be in order. This would help me find out the lot number and set up of the cemetery.  I did call the number listed for the cemetery and left a message. I never received a call back after 1 week;

6. I enjoyed looking at the inscriptions and type of markers.  However, this did take time away from the main purpose of the search, but did provide more history of others. I found potential ancestors leads to follow;

7. Many markers were damaged or unreadable;

8. I did remember to bring water for hydration. It also helped me read some of the words by using just a small amount to highlight them.

9. Research is research. You never know where or when a lead will appear.

My trip, which I thought would be easy in and out trip, turned into several hours after I found myself checking out other memorials with inscriptions or designs of interest.  I did get two family memorials, my main purpose for the trip. I didn’t find the third one. I walked the entire cemetery. I found two possible plots that could be the person I was searching for; but the name was not listed. There was a central marker with two names and information with four smaller markers surrounding it that read; mother, father, aunt and uncle.  No names of who they were. I looked for the spouse’s maiden name and didn’t find a memorial with that name. More research is needed. A trip to the town clerk, an e-mail to the requesting person for more information and another trip to the cemetery are in order.

My cemetery search, which turned into several hours, wasn’t due to just for the Find A Grave families; I decided to check out the local cemeteries for surnames that I had found in my own research. I found several new leads to follow. I will offer photographs of the memorials to the local Historical Society for their records.

While walking around the cemeteries, I met other people walking there. At the cemetery next to the firehouse, I found myself talking with two firemen. They had seen me walking around and were concerned I that I didn’t hydrate. They had brought me some water. I thanked them for their offer and showed them my water bottle. I also took the opportunity to ask them questions about the cemetery.  Sadly they didn’t know the family I was searching for.  At the town’s first cemetery I met a couple who were walking there beautiful golden retriever.  I asked if they had ancestral family buried there. They said no, but where checking on this one site that recently had activity. People were leaving items, lighting candles and doing things that they thought were satanic rituals. This caught my interest, so I followed them. I have photographs and will research the name and history.  In front of the grave marker I saw three candles that had been used, four sets of wrapped gold coins, and a necklace hanging from the top of the grave marker. Look for future post updates on my research.


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