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Nelson Family


The Nelson name is of Scandinavian origin; derived from Nilson; meaning son of Nils. It is found in Scotland,I reland, and almost every county inEngland, especially along the coastline. In ancient times the seaboard was navigated and ravaged by the pirates of the Norsemen and Vikings.

 According the book “Descendants of Thomas Nelson” and the “History of Rowley, Massachusetts,” the Nelson’s of New Hampshire, Maine and northern Massachusetts are from the Thomas line. He arrived in 1638 with Reverend Ezekiel Rogers from Rowley, Yorkshire, England. They settled Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts. Roger’s company was composed of twenty families; the Nelson’s being one of the richest.

Here is my line of Ancestors

Thomas Nelson                          m (1) 1626/1627         Dorothy Stapleton

                                                           m (2)1638/ 1642       Joan/JoaneDumer/Dummer

Capt Philip Nelson                     m (1) 1657                    Sarah Jewett

                                                           m (2) 1666                   Elizabeth Lowell

Joseph Nelson                             m 1706                         Hannah Brocklebank

Jonathan Nelson                        m 1752                        Hannah Cheney

Philip Nelson (2)                        m 1778                        Hannah Quimby

William Nelson                           m 1820                        Patty/Polly Teel

Benjamin P Nelson                    m 1849                        Elinor/Eleanor Babb/Babbs

William F Nelson                       m 1894                        Clara Jane Chase

Lillian Mae Nelson                    m 1920                        Nathan Augustus Stearns

Lillian was my paternal grandmother.

Here a some of the sources that I will be using in my upcoming post. I will add any additional sources used with the post.

  1. “Town History of Rowley,Essex,Massachusetts”
  2. “Descendants of Thomas Nelson ofRowley,Massachusetts”
  3. “History ofGeorgetown,Essex,Massachusetts”
  4. “History ofEssexCountyMassachusetts”
  5. “History of the Town ofSutton,Merrimack,New Hampshire”
  6. “Genealogy and Family History of the State ofNew Hampshire”
  8. Research of D. G. Weymouth (links no longer available)
  9. Family papers and interviews
  10. Find A Grave Website

 Note: I have listed the different dates and spelling of names that I found in my research..


7 thoughts on “Nelson Family

  1. So nice to see your blog! A note about Dorothy Stapleton….she is a direct decendent of Edward III among others. I have confirmed her parentage and marraige with documents from England. Her family is well known in England. Her grandfather had a kuffle with the church and ended up in the Tower for a bit. His second marriage was arranged by the Queen. Very interesting reading! See also Douglas Richardson’s books, Plantagenet Ancestry and Magna Charta Ancestry. Also Chris Child’s of NEHGS is doing a book on the Nelson’s and just recently did one on the Lowells (Philip’s second wife and your anscetor). He cites Douglas Richardson’s books. Lowell’s of Royal decent as well.


    1. Thank you for the information. I didn’t know about Chris Child’s book about the Nelson Family. I’m posting links with each generation as I post them. I posted the Family Tree at the end of my Stearns Family post. I thought I would Start with the Family Tree for the Nelson Family. I will also be posting for the Fletcher and Chase families. Richardson’s books are not currently available to me. I will read them when they become available. It has been interesting reading for this family, including involvement in the Salem Witch trails of 1665.


  2. I do know a bit about Salem Witch Trials. I’m a Towne. Rebecca Towne Nurse, Mary Towne Esty..hung Salem..sister’s of my ancestor Joseph. Also Rebecca may be an ancestor in my Stearns line. Time will tell! Also Dudley Bradstreet was one of my great great’s and he and his family were accused. Nasty business!


  3. Thanks! Looks good! Totally enjoy!
    NB. Douglas Richardson has new editions out for Plantagent and Magna Charta. (Oct 2011) Updated and some corrections. Chris Child’s is still working on the Nelson book at the moment. He told me about it a couple years ago, nothing said since.No idea when he plans on having it out. Will let you know though, when and if he mentions it.


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