You Are A Stearns

Lake Masebesic – Auburn, New Hampshire


 I started this blog because I believe our legacy is worth preserving for current and future generations of Stearns. Maybe after reading these stories, you can see that you have some of the same qualities our ancestors had. That is because YOU are a Stearns, and there is a lot of history in your genes. Of everything you now know about them, I hope what stands out the most is that our family was the very essence of success. They treasured their family beyond riches or status in life, and everything they did was to make sure their children would have it better than they did. They faced a lot of adversity in early years, but changed the family forever because they simply said “no more” and refused to allow the same adversity to repeat itself for their children. And so the lives we all have today, and the lives of future Stearns, can in many ways be attributed to their hard work and the decisions they made many years ago. They are proof that no matter how good or bad you have it; you can always choose to make it better through hard work and a lot of love.

Another lesson that I hope stays with you is that because you have the Stearns gene in you, you were born with a burning desire in your soul to achieve. When things were becoming difficult or mundane, they just dug in deeper and kept thinking and working harder. If you do the same, you will succeed. 

There will be times in life when you feel you are going through the motions and not quite sure where you are headed. It is at those times it is important to reflect on where you came from to understand where it is you want to go. You come from a legacy of hard work, triumph over adversity, and the belief that the most important things in life are God and family. When you need a reminder, I hope you will read this book again and it will help you find your way.

And finally, in whatever brings you joy, may you always have

“One More Time….For the Good Times!”


Stearns Family Tree Nelson Stearns’ Branch


Isaac Stearns                      m 1622         Mary Barker


Isaac Stearns                      m 1660         Sarah Beers


John Stearns                      m 1699          Mercy Davis


Zachariah Stearns              m 1727          Sarah B Saniford


John Stearns                      m 1751          Rachel Codman


Nathan Stearns                  m 1795         Miriam Blaisdell


Nathan Sterns Jr.               m 1830          Polly Martin


Augustus Stearns               m 1850          Sarah H Emerson


Mason W Stearns              m 1877          Rachel Emma Fletcher


Nathan A Stearns              m 1920          Lillian M Nelson


 Nelson W Stearns             m 1953          Shirley B Pease


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