The Valley Cemetery 1793 Londonderry, New Hampshire

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Here is another poem from my new friend Pam.

 I added photographs from The Valley Cemetery in Londonderry New Hampshire. I think you will see that the poem fits the photographs

I went to the cemetery to get photographs of Pam’s ancestor. I found the Pinkerton section but not the Brewster section. I brought my daughter’s dog with me, which I have done in the past. She was happy until about half through the cemetery then she stopped suddenly and wouldn’t go any further. She would only leave pulling me out. I didn’t see or hear anything. Once we were out she was her old self and wanted to continue walking but would not re enter the cemetery. Strange, she had never done that before. I will make another trip after I’m done dog sitting.


Wandering among the stones I see
The stones so weathered and worn
‘Tis difficult to find the date
On which the babe was born

I stare at the stone and am struck with awe
At the life that I knew was gone
This was someone’s child, a babe so sweet
With loved ones to carry on

So I take a photo for all to see
For the family that remains
An everlasting memory of
A child of God’s domain

I brush the weeds back from the stone
And say a silent prayer
For the babes that had no chance to live
And for mothers everywhere

The dove calls out it’s mourning song
Among the stones so still
Echoes of the woes, through time
The choirs of despair

The stone will someday perish
The flowers will be gone
But a photo now remains of this
Their memory lives on!

And so my friend, don’t hesitate
To film the weathered stone
Those who live within your hearts
Are never truly gone


2 thoughts on “The Valley Cemetery 1793 Londonderry, New Hampshire

  1. I just saw your blog listed at Geneabloggers. I was noticing all the posts about New Hampshire, and then I saw this one about Londonderry’s Valley cemetery. I live in Londonderry, and I also have a genealogy blog. I posted some photos of the Brewsters on my blog back in 2010. I was also looking for them for someone else. You can see the photos at this link: Nice blog, and keep up the good work!


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