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Nathan Augustus Stearns son of Mason William and Emma Rachel (Fletcher) Stearns, b. 22 Aug 1887 d. 20 Sept 1951, Sutton, Merrimack, New Hampshire m. 31 Dec 1920 Lillian Mae Nelson b.19 Sept 1895, Sutton, Merrimack, New Hampshire, dgtr of William F and Clara J (Chase) Nelson, Sutton, New Hampshire, d. 11 Jun 1934


 Nathan Augustus and Lillian Mae (Nelson) Stearns children:

 1. Eleanor Mae Stearns  b. 14 Nov 1923 Sutton, Merrimack, New Hampshire  d. 31 Dec 2009 on the Blue Moon in Lynn, Massachusetts;

m. 29 June 1946 William “Scotty” Smith Duncan b. 24 Sept 1904 Dundee Scotland, d. 21 Dec 1959 Saugus, Essex, Massachusetts; Children Lillian Mae Duncan b 17 June Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts unmarried no children and Jean Reid Duncan b 31 July, Lynn, Massachusetts m. 17 October Jerry Douglas Lane, Massachusetts b. 7 April son of Fredrick Forest and Dorothy (Rowell) Lane; child Matthew Duncan Lane b. 23 Dec 1980 d. 23 Oct 2000 had Muscular Dystrophy. He never gave up hope and was taking college classes at home and at the college. He was on a Junior College field trip to theScienceMuseumthe day he died.  He became ill and went to the hospital.  He was a poster child for Jerry Lewis Telethon forVirginia


    2. Nelson William Stearns b. 8 Apr 1930Sutton,New Hampshire d.12 Aug 1988 Bridgeton, Maine, Colon Cancer and Heart Attack

m. 03 Jul 1953 Shirley Beatrice Pease, b. 11 Jun 1935 New London, New Hampshire, d. 28 Apr 2001, Derry, New Hampshire, Children: June Lee, Vickie Mae and a still born twin, Marjorie Rae and a still born twin, Eleanor Ann, Susan Ruth and Nelson Neal


He was a Farmer, Woodsman, Road Agent, and member of the Grange, Masonic Temple and Sutton Mills Church, wife member of The Kings Daughters


They spent their lives in one town creating a life that has gone by but not forgotten because of stories told over the years. The stories of a victory garden that spelled USA in flowers; of growing and selling potatoes, strawberries, pies and jams to the community and finally of being part of that community as members of life. Life continues…


Nathan is my grandfather. He will be the last genealogical posting, other than research updates, for the Stearns family in regards to future generations. Our line will continue through our children. It will be their responsibly to post our heritage. Who was born, died and how they lived. Most of my siblings have children and a few of us have grand children. The Stearns surname for our line will carry on at least one more generation with my nephew, Justin. We have planted the seeds, are nourishing them, weeding as needed and allowing them to grow with love and support.

May their branches grow strong and reach for the sky that leads us to our Heaven Found home. Our roots are strong and deep. The hurricanes of time my have ravaged them but they remain and so will we.


A History of the town ofNew Londonby Lord page 484

Birth certificates

Death certificates

Marriage certificate

Census: 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940

Family papers and interviews

Grave Markers



    1. Thank you for the kind words. I decided to re-read the article before approving the comment to see what you saw. Sometimes when we step back from our writing we see something different. I am participating in Dear Myrtle’s Mastering Genealogy Proof Study (; from what I learned to date I will be updating my stated sources with a little more information. This will make it easier for those following me to actually click on a link or go to a book and the page I found the information on. Many of the specifics are in my source section of my blog. I decided I will, over time, embed them into the actual post and add new updates as found. Again, thank you for the kind words.


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