Mason William Stearns second child and eldest son of Augustus and Sarah H. (Emerson) Stearns, b. 11 Mar 1854/55/56 Goffstown, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, d. 9 Jul 1935 Newbury, Merrimack, New Hampshire(Stomach Cancer Bronchial Pneumonia)Buried Millwood Cemetery, Route 114 South Sutton,New Hampshire.

m. 3 July 1877 Emma Rachel Fletcher b. 7 Dec 1854/55 New London, Merrimack, New Hampshire d. 1936; dgtr of William Frank b. Massachusetts and Susannah J (Hastings) b.New London,Merrimack,New Hampshire

 Mason W. and Emma R Stearns children Sutton/New London,Merrimack,New Hampshire:

1. Flora Ellen Stearns b 15 Oct 1882 Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire, d 5 Nov 1882 Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire age 24 days from Erysipelas

2. Ina Stearns b 7 May 1884 Derry Depot, Rockingham, New Hampshire d 4 Oct 1884 Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire; age 4 months 28 days of Cancer

3.. Mark Lyman Stearns (twin to Mason W.) b. 17 June 1885  d. 13 Nov 1965 m 20 July 1921 Sutton, Merrimack, New Hampshire Sarah “Sadie” M (Mitchell) Partridge b 1895 d. 1939, ( she  m1 Alexander L. Langley, m2 Mark Lyman Stearns no children with Mark.)  One son Robert Langley b. 20 Sept 1916 d. 17  Jul 1998

 4. Mason William Stearns (twin to Mark) b. 17 Jun 1885 d. 21 Nov 1888 Death record reads heart attack age 3

                                    5. Nathan A Stearns b. 22 Aug 1887 d. 20 Sept 1951, m. 31 Dec 1920 Lillian Mae Nelson b.19 Sept 1895, Sutton, New Hampshire, dgtr of William F and Clara Jane (Chase) Nelson, Sutton, New Hampshire (see next generation post)

6. Lulu Carrie Stearns b. 16 July 1890, Sutton, Merrimack, New Hampshire, d. 22 Oct 1985, New London, Merrimack, New Hampshire; m. 17 Sept 1906 John “Wilson” Perkins, b. 22 Dec1880 Kentucky, son of Franklin Benjamin and Mary Louise (Doll) Perkins (aka Ben Franklin and Minnie Doll Perkins) d. 29 Sept 1966 Sutton, Merrimack, New Hampshire two children, Clinton Elisha b. 12 Aug 1909 d 1 Apr 1972 unmarried no children and Ernest Wilson Perkins b. 1 May 1914 d 10 Mar 2004 m 25 Sept 1943 Alice Cleora Perkins, dgtr of Henry E and Ada L (Elliot) Perkins), no children. Family lore is he was married only four years.

 7. Arthur Stearns, Birth order unknown; I have found no back up documentation to confirm the Town History of New London, Merrimack, New Hampshire page 484 mention of him as Mason’s son. Maybe he is a grandson or Nathan A, with the A for Arthur, not Augustus as I had been told

Mason William was a Mechanic, Farmer, a member of the Grange and MasonicTemple.  The census lists the value of his farm as $8,000.

The 1900 census mentions that Mason and Emma had six children, three living. The 1910 census mentions a grandson Theodore M age 5 with Emma still recorded as 6 children, 3 living.

 I have not found a birth certificate for Nathan A Stearns. It may be possible that the “A” stands for Arthur. I always thought it was Augustus, based on family lore.

 I was unable to find a birth certificate for Carrie. The family records have July 16th, with the year blurred. I have seen it listed as 1880, 1889 and 1890. Most of the census information and her death certificate have 16 July 1890 as her date of birth. I did find a birth certificate for an unknown female born 15 June 1890. This may be her birth certificate as it is close in date and year.

 A trip theNew Hampshire’s vital records office is planned in the future to help fill in the blanks for each generation.

 I found Mason W Ste… age 24, Emma B Ste… age 22, Joseph B Fletcher age 27 and Susanna J Fletcher age 59 on the 1880 census Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire. Joseph is Emma’s brother, Susanna is her mother.


A History of the town of New London by Lord page 484-485

Birth certificates

Death certificates

Marriage certificate

Census: 1860, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930

Family papers and interviews

Grave Markers


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