Lego Millyard, Manchester, New Hampshire


 Nathan Stearns Jr., third and youngest child of Nathan & Miriam (Blaisdell) Stearns, b. 2 May 1801; d 15 Apr 1877;  m. 1830 to Polly Martin of Goffstown New Hampshire, b. 27 Aug 1810, d. 21 Dec 1901, dgtr of Caleb & Polly (Whitney) Martin. They settled inGoffstown,New Hampshire.

 Children of Nathan & Polly (Martin) Stearns:

 Augustus Stearns, b. 26 July 1832 in Goffstown, New Hampshire

 2. Elvira W. Stearns, b. 24 Jan 1836 in Goffstown New Hampshire; m. 20 June 1861 to Nathaniel J. Colby of Dunbarton New Hampshire; He b. 29 Jan 1839, son of Nathaniel & Hepzibah (Woodbury) Colby; She d. 22 March 1894 in Dunbarton New Hampshire. He d. 5 Oct 1898

3. Mary Ann Stearns, b. 27 Apr 1838; d. 10 July 1879 Goffstown New Hampshire; unmarried

 4. Lucian A. Stearns, b. 20 May 1840,Goffstown, New Hampshire;  a farmer in Goffstown; m1 Martha J Paige; m2 Cora F Libbey, no children d 4 July 1897 age 57 years of Gangrene of foot. He is buried at Grasmere Cemetery, Goffstown, New Hampshire.‎*

 He was a farmer who lived in the easterly part of the town on the road leading from Amoskeag to Dunbarton, a short distance north of his brother in law Henry Blaisdell Stearns. When not busy with farm work, he finished by hand the stockings which the machines of his day could not complete, and hence became known as the stockingman.


 The first washing machine was designed by H. Sidgier ofGreat Britainin 1782. It consisted of a cage with wooden rods and a handle for turning. From this design in the late 1800’s company’s started producing hand operated machines that used paddles or dollies, then came the revolving drum from James King in 1851. This was shortly followed by a revolving drum with reversing action, from Hamilton Smith in 1858. “Family legend has it that they had one of the first in the area.”

 I will continue my search in Manchester, Hooksett, Dunbarton and Amoskeag histories. I will also check out books and links regarding shoemaking and manufacturing in the Manchester, New Hampshire area. Nathan Jr and Augustus Stearns were both shoemakers in Goffstown, by 1840 manufacturing of the shoes began. Even with the manufacturing of shoes some parts still had to be completed by hand.

The names Chase, Fletcher and Nelson are also listed in the Goffstown town history. The history gives a great view of how Goffstown developed. Manufacturing also began in the mid 1800’s which impacted the culture and history of Goffstown and the surrounding areas.


1850 Census: Nathan, Polly, Augustus, Elvira, Mary A., Lucien

 The “History of the town of Dunbarton”, Merrimack County, New Hampshire, from the Grant by Mason’s Assign in 1751 to the year 1860, by Caleb Stark, published Concord, NH, 1860 had information on Elijah Stearns (pg 27), and Dr Isaac Stearns (pg 150 & 154,) but none for Nathan Jr.

 Town History of Merrimack

Birth Record

Marriage Certificate

Family Search Records

* I found Lucien’s death certificate under Stearns, no first name, while looking for another family member. They did not write the first name when typed, mostly likely because they were not sure what the spelling was due to handwriting. I have found several children’s death certificate the same way.

While looking under just the Stearns surname without the first name I found several interesting people, including Lucien. Many were listed as Infant Stearns with the fathers name and place of burial. I even found one that reads widow Stearns. Some times I would find a cluster of names with the same cause of death in the same year. Two examples are small pox and scarlet fever.




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