Stars and Stripes Forever



 Nathan-6 Stearns, fifth child and third son of John & Rachel (Codman) Stearns, b. 22 July 1761 in Merrimack, New Hampshire; d. 9 April 1813 in service to his county;

m. 19 Feb 1795 Miriam Blaisdell of Goffstown, New Hampshire, d. 8 Feb 1844; dgtr of Henry Blaisdell; They settled in Goffstown, New Hampshire

He brought, 22 Mar 1800 of John McDale, land and buildings including a saw mill and water privilege and sold the property to his wife’s brother Henry Blaisdell Jr on 27 Jan 1801

He served in the War of 1812 in Capt M. C. Mills Company, 11th U.S. Infantry (Foot Soldiers) On the rolls it reads “prisoner of war,” died in “the barracks of fever.” His widow was appointed administrator of his estate 11 May 1813. Later David L. Morrill was appointed guardian of his three children.

 Children of Nathan & Miriam (Blaisdell) Stearns:

 1. Henry Blaisdell Stearns, b. 7 July 1798 in Goffstown New Hampshire ; m. 16 May 1837 to Phoebe (Russell) Poor *

 2. Elizabeth Stearns, b. 5 Jan 1800; m. Moses Gould Jr. of Goffstown New Hampshire*

 3. Nathan Stearns Jr., b. 2 May 1801; m. Polly Martin of Goffstown New Hampshire**


Goffstown: A Brief History

This link site has links to other sites with information about Goffstown and its people. There is even a link to the Stearns Family tree starting with Isaac Stearns arrival in 1630.

History of Pinardville: Many photographs to view

This site offers the surname and town list with the volume and pages where you can find our ancestors and town records.


The History of Goffstown

Has the following Stearns’s listed:

Benjamin Starns

John Stearnes

Benjamin Stearns

Benjamin Jr


Miss Eunice W. (also listed in Amherst History)

Hiram D



James B

James R




Mrs. Stearns

Gov. Onslow Stearns




Samuel Jr

William D


I also noticed a Damon Stearns and the Fletcher Surname had 19 names listed.

The Fletchers listed are:

William, his son William

Josiah, his son Josiah

Joseph, his son Joseph







Twins: George Washington and James Adams


Mary Robbins

Susan Proctor

Benjamin Chamberlain.

I noticed that the later born Fletchers were given middle names. I would normally check the surname Robbins, Proctor and Chamberlin for links to this family. Both Mary and Susan were unmarried, so their line ends with them. It does not mean there is no link, but it is not my family line, so I will leave that for another to follow. Happy hunting.

* Henry Blaisdell Stearns and Elizabeth Stearns Gould (under her husband’s family Moses Gould Jr.) are both listed separately with more information in the Goffstown Town History

** Nathan Jr. will be our Seventh Generation posting


 The Star Spangled Banner was written in 1814 after a 25 hour long fight with the British overFortMcHenry. It was written by Francis Scott Key after he had witnessed the tattered American flag flying confidently, symbolizing the American victory. Do you think it was Betty Ross’ flag with stars for thirteen colonies or the fifteen star flag of 1795 that includedVermontandKentuckythat he saw? Many have disputed which flag was flown, because not everyone of that era recognizedVermontandKentuckyas states.

Today’s Flag

Happy Memorial Day Weekend


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