Remembering America

In Flight at Sunrise

Remembering America


On our Sunday drives

A dirt road is getting harder to find

We were taught history, fishing, about bee hives

Family strength and sharing that binds

Fifties brought car growth, longest highways

Past dying towns go the by-ways

Of the sixties the suburbs develop

And the moon we envelop

Through progress and fueling opportunities

Hurting cities of the seventies

Progress, loss, growth, re-invention

Baby boomers’ housing extension

Housing production lines ofLevittown

Heritage, history, present are all handed down

From generation to generation

On our Sunday drives around the town

Today’s post is for a special friend who strongly recommended I include tidbits from my book, Vignettes of Life.  The cover is a photograph of Lake Massabesic, Auburn, New Hampshire

The above free verse ties in with genealogy and family history.

 The story was dedicated to my father Nelson William Stearns.

My father was a working man. He considered himself a “Jack of all trades and a Master of none.” He sometimes would work two to three jobs. He was a man who loved his family and always set aside Sunday afternoons for a drive with his girls and his little man. He told us the goal was to find a dirt road. We would spend the time looking at license plates, to see where they came from, or picking out shapes in the clouds. It was many years before we realized that the trips; while a way to spend time with the immediate family, was also a way of checking on the older generation. I have fond memories of those drives that always ended at the same place for clams and ice cream. My parents are gone now, but every Memorial Day the family gathers at their gravesite and afterwards go to that same ice cream stand.


 If you want to read more of my free verse, the book is available at:


 Soft cover


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