Stearns of Cheshire County: First research after the 1790 Census review

Stearns of Cheshire County: First research after the 1790 Census review

The complete 1790 Census has been posted.

Now I begin to research the families by town. I will start with the Stearns family. The first town that listed any Stearns’ was Chesterfield.

I googled: Chesterfield New Hampshire town history. I choose first to go to Cheshire County-History and Genealogy bringing me to

It listed the towns for Cheshire County that provided links. My next adventure was to “click” ; four hours later I have decided to research all four surnames in each town, as I proceed.

 While I was looking for the Stearns name I came across, first Isaac Fletcher, then Rodney Fletcher, before I find the first Stearns, Jonas. I then find a Bela Chase. To this point none of these names were on the 1790 census. I continue to read the document and find some interesting facts about who signed and didn’t sign the Declaration of Allegiance, who was post mistress, served in the war, owned a tavern, went to Dartmouth College, was a preceptor at Chesterfield Academy and who opened the first store in Factory Village.

 Still I haven’t connected any of the names to my line. The only name from the 1790 census I found in this book was Abraham Stearns, who was a tavern owner. No list of family members for him, just that he was a tavern owner. It is a start.

 I did find Biographies for:


ISAAC FLETCHER (just a snippet through)


I suggest you read from the provided link for more information on those listed. I enjoyed reading the town’s history. It provides an insight into the early years. What religion or religions in this case where there, who fought in what wars, what businesses, who was a doctor, lawyer, sorry no Indian Chief is mentioned this time.

 Happy reading


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