1790 Census: Rockingham County New Hampshire

1790 Census: Rockingham County New Hampshire


When viewing the records for each town don’t assume they are in alphabetical order or that all names are together. It looks like the towns were done in sections and who was living in that section of town is recorded there. Remember I’m only listing the four main surnames for my family ancestry. Names in ( ) is the abbreviations noted on the census.

Allenstown Town: Nelson, James 1/0/4/0/0

 Brentwood Town: Chase, Ebenesar 1/0/3/0/0

 Canterbury Town: Chase, Edward 1/1/1/0/0;

Flitcher, Daniel 4/0/2/0/0 (? if Fletcher)

 Chester Town: Chase, Jacob 2/1/2/0/0; Chase, Moody 3/4/4/0/0; Chase, Wells 1/0/1/0/0; Chase B. Pike 1/2/1/0/0

 Concord Town: Chase, Daniel 2/0/3/0/0; Chase, Isaac 1/1/3/0/0; Chase, Claleb (Caleb) 1/3/7/0/0; Chase, Joseph jr 1/1/2/0/0; Chase, Daniel 2/3/4/0/0

 Deerfield Town: Chase, Stephen 1/2/5/0/0; Chase, Joseph 1/2/2/0/0; Chase, Moses jr 2/1/4/0/0; Chase, Moses 2/0/4/0/0

 Epping Town: Chase, James 1/0/4/0/0;

 Hawke Town (now Danville): Chase, Simon 1/0/5/0/0; Chase, Caleb 1/0/5/0/0

 Kensington Town: Chase, David 1/2/4/0/0; Chase, Stephen 2/1/2/0/0; Chase, Elihu 2/2/4/0/0

 Kingston Town: Chase, Nathaniel (Nathl) 1/3/4/0/0; Chase, Charles 2/1/5/0/0

 Londonderry Town: Chase, Jacob 4/3/4/0/0; Chase, John 1/0/3/0/0; Chase, Stephen 1/0/1/0/0; Chase, Moses 1/1/5/0/0

 Loudon Town: Chase, Jonathan (Jona) 2/1/3/0/0; Chase, James 1/5/4/0/0

 Newton Town: Chase, Francis 2/0/1/0/1; Chase, Francis jr 1/3/4/0/0 (This was the first family name I found that had a slave listed)

 Pittsfield Town: Sterns, John 2/2/3/0/0;

Chase, Nathaniel (Nathl)1/4/5/0/0; Chase, William (Wm) 3/0/4/0/0; Chase, Sollomon 1/1/1/0/0; Chase, Jonathan (Jna) 1/1/3/0/0

 Plaistow Town: Chase, Parker 1/0/2/0/0; Chase, John 1/2/3/0/0

 Portsmouth Town: Chase, Stephen 3/2/9/1/0; Chase, John 1/3/3/0/0

Nelson,Elizabeth0/3/2/0/0; Nelson, Thomas 3/1/2/0/0; Nelson, John 1/1/2/0/0; Nelson, Joseph Junr 1/0/0/0/0; Nelson, Dorothy 0/1/2/0/0

 Salem Town: Fletcher, Samuel (Saml) 1/2/5/0/0;

Chase, Samuel (Saml) 1/3/3/0/0

 Sandown Town: Chase, Robert 1/0/5/0/0; Chase, Benjamin (Benja) 1/1/4/0/0

 Seabrook Town: Chase, Thomas 1/2/1/0/0; [Green, Daniel Chase 2/2/4//0/0]*; Chase, Abigail 1/2/3/0/0**; Chase,Winthrop 1/2/1/0/0; Chase, Christopher Toppan 1/1/2/0/0***; Chase, Daniel 1/3/1/0/0

 Stratham Town: Chase, Dudley L 1/1/5/0/0; Chase, Josiah3/1/4/0/0

 *I added [Green, Daniel Chase] because this provides another family line to the Chases. Most likely his mother was a Chase. When researching I can verify or not the Chase link.

 ** I noticed that Abigail is Head of Household, yet there is a male over 16 years of age. This gives me a clue that her husband has died. She has not remarried; I will look for another possible marriage for her as well as the death certificate. You can follow the children of your surname under the second /third etc married name. Remember that it is still mainly the males of the lines that are recorded in papers, unless the female has money or status. I have found many “fill in the blank” names by searching the “married” family names or middle names for a child.

 ***The middle name usually gives a clue to the mother’s maiden name, such as in Chase, Christopher Toppan.

 Here are the links I found today when confirming what “HawkeTown” is known as today and rechecking SocietyTown from yesterday’s blog. Society Town was actually Society Land that divided into several towns of Deering, Antrim, Hancock, Bennington, Francestown, and the north part of Greenfield. What I found interesting today is that a link to the history of Chase’s Tavern in Unity, New Hampshire was one that offered insight into the Chase family and future owners.

 1. http://statearchives.us/new-hampshire.htm

 2. Slide show link: http://www.nhhistory.org/edu/support/slides/nhtowns.ppt#301,1,Slide 1



4. New Hampshire Families in 1790 Part 1 Part 2 is in the works


 5. Western MassachusettsFamily in 1790


 6. New HampshireSociety of Genealogists



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