1790 Census: Hillsborough County, New Hampshire

1790 Census: Hillsborough County, New Hampshire



AmherstStearns, John 3/1/3/0/0; Stearns, Samuel 1/2/2/0/0; Stearns, Samuel, Jun. 1/1/2/0/0; Stearns, Benjamin (Benja) 1/2/2/0/0

Dearing Town: Chase, William 3/0/3/0/0; Chase, Amos 1/3/3/0/0

Dunstable Town: Fletcher, John1/1/2/0/0; Fletcher, Phillip, 1/0/10/0; Fletcher, Ruth 2/4/3/0/0; Fletcher, Robert 1/0/5/0/0

Goffstown Town: Stearns, Elijah 2/1/1/0/0

Henniker Town: Chase, Nathaniel (Nathal) 1/3/2/0/0; Chase, Enoch 1/1/3/0/0

Hollis Town: Stearns, Joseph 1/3/3/0/0; Stearns, John 1/2/3/0/0

Litchfield Town: Chase, Enoch 1/1/1/0/0; Chase, Eben 3/2/4/0/0; Chase, Samuel (Saml) Jr. 3/3/4/0/0; Chase, Simeon 2/1/3/0/0; Chase, Joseph 3/4/8/0/0

Lyndborough Town: Stearns, Josiah 1/1/4/0/0

Lyndborough Gore: Fletcher, John 1/0/0/0/0

Merrimac Town: Stearns, Zachariah (Zechah) 2/1/2/0/0; Stearns, Daniel(Danl) 3/0/2/0/0

New Ipswich Town: Fletcher, Samuel (Saml) 2/4/3/0/0; Fletcher, Eben 2/4/2/0/0; Fletcher, Thomas 2/0/2/0/0; Fletcher, Thomas, Jr. 1/2/1/0/0; Fletcher, Jonah 2/2/3/0/0; Fletcher, Peter 4/1/3/0/0; Fletcher, Francis 2/3/2/0/0

Stearns, Joshua 1/0/2/0/0

Nottingham West Town: Chase, Henry 2/0/2/0/0; Chase, Stephen 3/0/2/0/0; Chase, Joshua 1/3/5/0/0; Chase, Benjamin (Benja) 1/1/2/0/0; Chase, John 1/0/3/0/0

Salisbury Town: Chase, Enoch 2/0/4/0/0; Chase, Thomas 1/1/1/0/0; Chase, Bala 1/0/1/0/0

Sutton Town: Nelson, Asa 1/1/5/0/0; Nelson, Phillip 1/2/3/0/0; Nelson, Jonathan (Jona) 1/0/1/0/0; Nelson, Stephen 1/4/6/0/0;

Chase, Abner1/2/2/0/0; Chase, John 2/0/0/0/0

Temple Town: Fletcher, Samuel (Saml) 1/1/2/0/0

Warner Town: Chase, Isaac 1/0/2/0/0

Weare Town: Chase, Nathan 1/2/3/-/- last two columns missing; Chase,Dudley 2/3/5/0/0; Chase, John 1/4/5/0/0; Chase, Abraham 2/3/4/0/0


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