1790 Census: Cheshire County, New Hampshire

1790 Census: The first United States Census

 The first Census of the United States in 1790 included fourteen states. Unfortunately during “The War of 1812” the capital inWashingtonwas burned and destroyed by the British. Records for Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and South Carolina survived. The records forDelaware, Georgia, Kentucky, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Virginia did not.  The census recorded five categories:

 Free white males 16 years and older, including head of household

 Free white males under 16 years

 Free white females, including head of household

 All other free persons


 The way the census was conducted allowed you to follow the money maker of the family, mainly the male head of household. Very little importance was put on the rest of the family other than numbers. Using the census during the early years may help you follow a family, but not who was in the family. Reading town records or the town history provides more information, next searching the church records for births and marriages can round out a family list and finally the deaths records completes the cycle. If you are lucky enough a family bible is available. The search is time consuming and sometimes frustrating, but the final outcome of finding that family connections is well worth the wait and frustration.

 My blog today is from that first census. I will post the surnames for Stearns, Fletcher, Nelson and Chase families listed inCheshire County,New Hampshire. Maybe you can find a connection for your line. I don’t know which name belongs to what family, but I do know that I will read the town history, records and church records of the town listed for each name to see if that name is of my direct line.

 I will post other counties in future blogs.

 Cheshire County, New Hampshire:  

Surname, Name/16plus males/16under males/woman/other free persons/slaves

Alstead: Chase, Moses 4/0/1/0/0

Chesterfield Town: Chase, Abel 1/3/3/0/0, Chase, Joshua 2/2/4/0/0,

Fletcher, Abel 3/4/2/0/0, Fletcher, Ebenezer 2/0/2/0/0, Fletcher, Samuel 1/2/5/0/0

Stearns, Samuel 1/1/2/0/0, Stearns, Submit 1/1/5/0/0

Claremont Town: Sterne, Thomas 3/2/6/1/1,  Sterns, Daniel 1/4/4/0/0, Sterns, Samuel 1/1/2/0/0

Cornish Town: Chase, Caleb 1/2/6/0/0, Chase, Caleb 2nd 1/0/4/0/0, Chase, Daniel 2/1/4/0/0, Chase, Dudley 2/1/4/1/0, Chase, John 2/1/2/0/0, Chase, Jonathan 4/2/7/0/0, Chase, Joseph 1/1/3/0/0, Chase. Joshua 1/1/1/0/0,Chase, Moses 4/2/4/0/0, Chase, Moses, Jun.1/2/2/0/0, Chase, Nahum 1/1/4/0/0, Chase, Peter 2/2/5/0/0, Chase, Samuel 1/0/1/0/0, Chase, Samuel, Jun. 4/3/10/0/0, Chase, Simeon 2/1/3/0/0, Chase, Solomon 3/3/4/0/0, Chase, Stephen 1/0/3/0/0, Chase, William 1/1/1/0/0

Croydon Town: Nelson, Moses 1/2/4/0/0

Hinsdale Town: Chase, Ezekiel 1/0/4/0/0

Stearns, Nathaniel 1/2/4/0/0

Keene Town: Chase, Stephen 1/1/1/0/0

Newport Town: Fletcher, Joel 1/1/3/0/0

Richmond Town: Chase, Asa 1/1/1/0/0, Chase, William 1/2/3/0/0,

Unity Town: Chase, Abner 2/1/5/0/0, Chase, Amos 2/3/5/0/0, Chase, Moses 1/1/1/0/0, Chase, Samuel 3/0/1/0/0

Walpole Town: Fletcher, Jonathan 3/1/4/0/0, Fletcher, Samuel 1/3/3/0/0,

Stearns, Aaron 2/1/5/0/0, Stearns, Ephriam 1/5/2/0/0, Stearns, Moses 1/0/4/0/0

Westmoreland Town: Fletcher, John 2/1/3/0/0


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