We are here for the “Telling”

We are here for the “Telling”

 We are here for the telling, the aunts, the sisters, the mothers, the wives, even the guys can join in.

We hear the calling of those gone by to follow the path to us.

We yearn to learn their history, each and every one of them

We search our papers, photos, letters, graves and even the internet to find them.

We connect to their hardships, loves, losses, history and glory of living.

We gather strength from them as we learn about our sameness and even our differences.

We bestow our respect and honor their memory, flesh of our flesh, bone of our bone.

We will do the telling and will record all that we have unearthed

Be it documents or through stories handed down from each generation.

Then we will past the torch to the children, grandchildren and them to theirs.

We are the tellers of heritage deep in faith, courage, and intertwined with that of New Hampshire’s birth.


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