The Telling

Remember when you were a child you loved to listen to your mother tell you a story of when she was young? Well, that is how I am going to write this blog, as if I’m reading a story. The story is “The Telling” as the ancestors would say. This is how they passed on the history of the family instead of writing it down.

I will include some history, little antidotes, and family life at the time and entice you to follow my legacy.  I plan on starting with the Stearns side of the family. If you are a genealogist checking out this site, please remember I am a Hobbyist in this field.  My goal is to post the history for one family line of the Stearns, Chase, Fletcher and Nelson surnames. I will attempt to keep facts as accurate as possible and make notes when there is conflicting information and why I made the choice I did. I hope I can connect up with other lines that can fill in some blanks or that I provide information that fills in some of their blanks.

Enjoy the Telling,



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